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Visit the showroom

The most important step in a successful project is to find a designer with whom you can work well; who listens to you, earns your trust, guides you through the process and helps you avoid costly mistakes. We suggest a visit to our showroom where you can chat with one of our designers. Appointments are recommended so that we can spend a bit of time talking with you. We can show you some of our product offerings and quality of product and service.

Prepare a wish list

At Cabinet Dimensions we work hard at creating a kitchen that suits you and the process becomes easier with your assistance. Ways in which you can provide information are making a wish list or gathering magazine articles and pictures of things that grab your attention. Itemizing your list into a “Must Have” and “Would Like” can be very helpful.

Think about your budget

Kitchens can vary greatly in cost depending on many factors such as materials, features, decorative details and the scope of the project. A typical investment ranges from under $20,000 to $100,000 but it is you the client that should set the budget with your designer. The designer will help you get the best value for that investment. As we have many cabinet options and countertop materials we can help you choose options that will suit you and your budget.

Home Visit

The designer can set up a site visit with you where they will measure the existing space and become familiar with your home. It will give us an idea of how our design should blend with your home. It is a good place to discuss the things you would like to see changed or improved. In the case of a kitchen, how you cook, who cooks, how you shop, how you and your family gather and entertain is key information that will help us personalize your kitchen. Similarly for other rooms such as offices, bathrooms, home theatres, the more we know about your needs for the space the better the end results.

Design Stage

After the home visit we take all the information we have gathered and will begin designing your space. Good design takes a lot of expertise and experience, which is where we excel. Combining function, ergonomics, budget and aesthetics with your wish list takes time and planning. We will often spend several days considering various ideas, putting our knowledge to work for you. An average kitchen may take 5-10 working days for us to prepare a set of drawings for you to look at depending on the complexity of the design and length of the requirements to be integrated.

Preliminary Design Presentation

When we have a design or designs ready for presentation, we will set up a meeting with you to review our ideas. This is an opportunity for client and designer to debate different options to be considered. This meeting is best done at our showroom where resources and materials are available to be viewed and selected. We have many options to choose from and can carefully guide our clients through the reasons to choose various materials for their home. From this meeting we can proceed to revisions in the design and if materials are chosen we can take the design to a quotation of the main elements of the kitchen.

Design Fees

While we do not charge for the initial consultation, we have invested a lot of time and thought into your project and will ask for a design fee if you would like to have a copy of our work. A successful project starts with solid design and planning and you may want time to review your drawings at your leisure. As we are committed to building a good relationship with our clients we are looking for small commitments before releasing our drawings. This will allow you to proceed in small steps towards a comfortable relationship. The design fee will be applied towards the deposit on the kitchen should you decide to purchase. Design fees vary depending upon the level of detail provided and amount of time spent on the drawings.


A typical quote will include cabinets, counters, sinks, faucets, hardware, hood fan, installation, delivery and taxes. A quote can be very accurate if specific choices have been made and realistic allowances can be given for options yet to be determined. With our experience we can calculate the details needed to provide a nice finished product so that there are not places where a project will need to have items added. We can often provide a realistic budget for other work to be done to pull a completed project together.  A plan should be agreed upon if other extensive work needs to be provided. Once a design retainer has been paid we are happy to provide drawings necessary for other trades to give more specific quotes for other parts of the project. If you chose for us to provide project co-ordination including other trades we are happy to arrange for quotes by the other trades involved. You can choose how much involvement we have in your project. Whether it is supply only, full project co-ordination or anything in between.

Going Forward

Once a client is comfortable that they are working with us we will need to fine tune designs and material choices. An agreement will be drafted that will include a specific list of all materials and work to be provided, as well as final drawings. Your designer will carefully review these with you so you have clear information about the work to be done. We will immediately start placing orders for cabinets and other materials. This stage usually takes approximately 5-8 weeks. Meanwhile an installation date will be determined and trades co-ordinated. It is our goal to have your project run smoothly and complete your project in a timely fashion.